About Beagle and Associates

The Beagle and Associates team of professionals has a significant background in financial and person centered services that encompasses all areas of financial management and person centered planning. Its management philosophy ensures a consultative approach to every financial and care decision made through thoughtful consideration and careful oversight. Beagle and Associates has a long history of protecting people who would otherwise face a significant loss of savings, health and dignity.

While many of our nation’s elderly or disabled individuals receive special care from close relatives, many others have no one to care for them. Often, family members cannot agree on a course of action. In the worst cases, vulnerable elders and disabled individuals become subject to manipulation or intimidation by financial abusers. These unfortunate realities can be adjusted for better outcomes through specialized knowledge of the complex financial, social and medical systems that help to assure care, comfort and best possible quality of life.

Through its honed, comprehensive team approach, Beagle and Associates protects financial assets and designs person centered plans that take into consideration each client’s care needs, financial capabilities and life choices.

With experience handling the most pressing fiduciary and social service issues for individuals, Beagle and Associates is proud to offer trust services through InTRUSTment Northwest. Through a continued commitment to financial and person-centered services, InTRUSTment Northwest is uniquely positioned to offer a full complement of Trust Services that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any client.