Beagle and Associates’ mission is to provide for individuals with a full range of services. Through a multi-disciplinary team approach, Beagle and Associates develops a comprehensive plan unique to each individual, including financial management, social services, court compliance, and insurance and benefit administration.

Proper care for individuals begins with a person centered plan customized to the needs of each individual. Top priority is given to each client’s comfort, care and quality of life. Along with care of the individual, scrupulous attention is given to each client’s assets to ensure they are utilized exclusively for the individual’s benefit. The plan takes into account family, friends and other resources that are unique to each client.

InTRUSTment Northwest operates under its mission to enhance lives and protect assets by providing access to individual worth and dignity through Trust Services. InTRUSTment Northwest is local, established and prepared to offer Trust Services with a person-centered approach tailored to each client’s specific needs.

Proper care of assets begins with customized planning designed to meet the specific requirements of an individual. A comprehensive plan is developed to provide the client with what they desire in terms of investments, accounting, advising, distribution of assets, tax filings, communications with interested parties, payment of bills, filing of claims and real or personal property management.