Person Centered

Beagle & Associates and InTRUSTment Northwest not only provide financial expertise and management, but can also provide a person-centered service tailored to the specific needs of the client or beneficiary. A person centered fiduciary is utilized to advocate for the client or beneficiary and provides personal, individualized plans for clients who require assistance. The person centered plan may include the following:

  • Implementing a personalized care plan custom to each individual’s lifestyle
  • Ensure the personal needs of clients for safe housing and quality personal care are met, while advocating for activities that nurture the body, mind and spirit
  • Making decisions either directly with or on behalf of the client
  • Implementing effective case management to ensure the client’s maintains their autonomy and the highest standard quality of life
  • Ensuring clients receive the most appropriate public benefits and supports to enhance their lives
  • Developing a personal relationship with each client or beneficiary through regular contact
  • Maintaining the affairs of clients’ confidentiality with minimal intrusion into their lives

Beagle & Associates also serves as Guardian and Power-Of-Attorney for Healthcare, which includes:

  • Making specific health care decisions for each client and being available for emergencies
  • Making decisions on behalf of clients as they would have done if they were able to make decisions for themselves

Beagle & Associates and InTRUSTment Northwest strive to improve a person’s quality of life and achieves great success by understanding each client’s personal situation, desires, preferences and needs, while taking creative approaches to enhance the client’s quality of life.