Case Profiles


Beagle & Associates was appointed Guardian over the Estate of a disabled individual whose previous Guardian was removed for financial improprieties. The purpose of the appointment was to build an estate for the disabled individual, and to ensure adequate funds to pay for care, which at the time had been compromised by misappropriation. Assets had been depleted to such an extent that the entire estate was in jeopardy of being liquidated.

B&A pursued litigation in order to recover the misappropriated funds, and reduce the monthly expenditures for room, board and care, and thus build the client’s estate back to its former healthy, self-sustaining status.

Through a step-by-step process involving litigation, forensic review, case management, prudent investments, and scrupulous forensic accounting B&A ensured that

  • Costs were reduced through all-inclusive payments
  • As a result of litigation, back payments were made to the estate
  • Additional disability benefits were obtained and added to the client’s former monthly benefits

Ongoingly, B&A WA issues payments from the client’s accounts as necessary for health, safety and wellbeing. This includes monthly payments for care, room, board, recreation, counseling and habilitation.

Since B&A WA was appointed Guardian of the Estate in this case, the value of the client’s estate has increased significantly to ensure that a high quality of life and care can be maintained throughout the client’s lifetime.


B&A WA was appointed Guardian of the Person and Estate for a middle-aged individual who suffered the effects of a head injury. Unable to work, the individual had been living for several years in a care center. B&A WA appointment was sought when it was learned the individual had been swindled out of an inheritance. Real property that eventually sold for over $200,000 had been purchased from the individual for $500 by a lawyer representing a group of real estate investors.

B&A WA initiated litigation to overturn the transaction. Pending litigation, a Person Centered Fiduciary was involved to assure the individual’s care needs were met. Eventually this case settled when the purchasers of the property agreed to return it without any conditions.

Through B&A WA’s efforts, a Special Needs Trust was established with the proceeds from the sale of the real property and was available for the individual’s benefit while ensuring that government benefits were still received. That initial settlement also made it possible to provide financial support to long-estranged children, which pleased the individual greatly. The individual continued to enjoy a much enhanced quality of life as a result of the recovery of this asset and the establishment of a Special Needs Trust. The Special Needs Trust made it possible to attend concerts each summer and to engage year-round in a number of activities to enhance health and wellbeing.


B&A WA was appointed Guardian of the Person and Estate for an individual who, after ten years living there, was facing eviction from a nursing home because of nonpayment. Funds were depleted due to a court-approved Guardian of the Estate converting all of the personal assets to a family member, including monthly social security benefits.

B&A WA’s forensic review found that the family member who had previously served as Guardian of the Estate had stolen over $250,000. This family member, as Guardian of the Person, had also denied authorization for medical treatment and other essential services due to the lack of funds for which the family member was responsible.

After taking over management, B&A WA, as Guardian of the Estate, assured care bills were paid. The process of marshaling assets resulted in a significant asset in the form of stock certificates that had been overlooked by the previous Guardian. Also, through a criminal restitution process, the estate recovered over $200,000 for care costs.

In addition, B&A WA oversaw care management to assure the client’s needs were being met at the care center. The individual lived comfortably to the age of 99. The prior Guardian was convicted of criminal financial abuse and served a term in a state penitentiary.

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