Fee Schedule for Beagle and Associates

Beagle and Associates’ fees are competitive and structured so the client only pays for work performed, and tiered as a measure to contain costs. In rare circumstances where more than one Fiduciary is required to perform duties or attend court proceedings, the client is only billed for one Fiduciary’s time.

Hourly Rates

Executive Fiduciary – $125.00

Senior Trust Fiduciary – $125.00

Client Relations Fiduciary – $125.00

Client Services Coordinator – $85.00

Person Centered Fiduciary – $95.00

Client Relations Administrator – $90.00

Non-Clerical Staff – $85.00

Clerical Staff – $70.00

Expert Testimony – $325.00

Beginning July 28, 2016 the above hourly rates will apply.

Types of Reimbursable Expenses

Messenger services, postage and copies, occasional travel time and expenses depending on the circumstances.

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