Guardian of the Person

The role of Guardian of the Person is well developed within our modern legal tradition.
Beagle and Associates of Washington meets these goals by:

  • Maintaining the affairs of clients’ confidentiality with the least amount of intrusion into their lives
  • Making decisions on behalf of clients as they would have done if they were able
  • Ensuring the personal needs of clients for safe housing and quality personal care, while cultivating activities that nurture the body, mind and spirit
  • Developing a personal relationship with each client through regular contact
  • Making specific health care decisions for each client, and being available for emergencies
  • Implementing a person-centered care plan

B&A WA believes that in addition to protecting clients, Guardians have a responsibility to understand particular needs and promote creative approaches to enhance a client’s quality of life.

B&A WA coordinates a full range of guardianship services and employs a team approach to ensure the ongoing success of each client. Guardianship coordination begins with the person centered fiduciary who, along with an executive fiduciary or senior fiduciary, coordinates a life plan with input from the client, family members, facilities, home care agencies and community resources. This thorough, team-based approach ensures the highest quality of life possible.

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