Special Needs Pooled Trusts (Master Pooled Asset Special Needs Trust)

***Pooled Special Needs Trust services are only offered through Beagle & Associates of Washington

As a non-profit organization, Beagle and Associates of Washington (B&A WA) maintains the Master Pooled Asset Special Needs Trust for both Oregon and Washington individuals who are disabled or who are on public assistance and have excess resources that need to be spent down in order to maintain benefits. B&A WA offers a First Party Funded or “Self-Settled” Trust and a Third Party Funded Trust for families who wish to assist their loved ones. As a cost-containment measure, funds are held in a Pooled Asset Account but administered individually.

The flat monthly fee was implemented for clients whose requests were minimal so that the cost of administration could be covered by one payment per month. Some clients have benefited from this flat monthly rate due to the frequency and reasonableness of requests. Other clients have elected to request additional services, which have resulted in added costs of administration. In order for B&A WA to maintain the level of service that its clients deserve and have come to expect, the following service levels will be implemented for each client in order to maintain the flat monthly fee:

  • B&A WA will accept up to FOUR transactions per month, including but not limited to: phone calls, emails, written correspondence and discretionary distributions.
  • Clients who exceed the FOUR transactions per month will be subject to additional fees in accordance with the B&A WA fee schedule.
  • Clients who utilize person centered services will be subject to additional fees in accordance with the B&A WA fee schedule;
  • These fees are to be paid internally on a monthly basis.
  • All requests for funds must be submitted in writing utilizing a Discretionary Distribution Request Form.

Pooled Trust Fee Schedule:

  • Enrollment Fee: $500.00 with a minimum opening balance of $25,000.00

Annual or Monthly Financial Fees:

  • $25,000.00 to $50,000.00 – monthly fee of $100.00 or annual fee of $1,200.00
  • $50,001.00 to $100,000.00 – monthly fee of $125.00 or annual fee of $1,500.00

*** Funds over $100,000.00 may not qualify for the Pooled Special Needs Trust.

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