Trust Services provided by InTRUSTment Northwest

Establishing Trust through professional and personal relationships.

Beagle and Associates (B&A) is a long-standing local and established organization with more than 30 years of experience handling the most pressing financial and social service issues for individuals. By combining a team-oriented approach with a management philosophy that ensures a consultative approach, B&A is proud to offer an increased focus on our trust services through our new entity, InTRUSTment Northwest. INTNW will continue to maintain the same core services that have made B&A a valued and trusted partner within our communities.

InTRUSTment Northwest provides financial and asset management. With extensive experience in financial management, InTRUSTment Northwest ensures the safety and security of assets while making certain that the assets support the beneficiary. InTRUSTment Northwest coordinates a full range of asset management services and utilizes a team approach to ensure ongoing success. With the support of an experienced team of professionals, a Fiduciary takes a lead role, reviewing the estate planning documents, coordinating a financial plan, while gathering input from financial advisors, legal counsel, the beneficiary, family members and other outside resources to ensures the best results.

Services include:

  • Managing real and personal property of the trust
  • Managing financial trust accounts
  • Managing income for the trust
  • Managing disbursements for the beneficiary
  • Investing liquid assets of the trust utilizing necessary resources, prudence and diligence
  • Employing accounting procedures for all expenditures in accordance with state and federal laws
  • Providing quarterly financial statements

Certain trusts require additional supports and administration to ensure the safety and security of these assets. Since each trust is personalized to meet the criteria of the trust agreement, InTRUSTment Northwest is able to work in connection with an extremely strong financial partner, the Bank of Oklahoma Financial Corporation, N.A. (BOKF) dba Colorado State Bank and Trust.

BOKF, founded in 1910, has the experience and foundation necessary to provide the highest quality financial management possible, and was named one of “America’s most advisor-friendly trust companies” by the leading financial news source, The Trust Advisor. BOKF’s solid history of client relationships, growth and stability has made it a trusted institution among its clients. While providing the added security of the Bank of Oklahoma Financial, InTRUSTment Northwest remains the local organization and financial liaison working closely with BOKF to ensure proper oversight and management of trust assets. InTRUSTment Northwest and BOKF provide the professional competency and expertise to provide an approach tailored to each beneficiary’s specific needs.


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