Investment Management

Experienced, Professional Investment Management Services

InTRUSTment Northwest has an extensive background in financial management and investment oversight. InTRUSTment Northwest reviews each trust to ensure proper administration and implementation of its goals, desires and requirements for the future, as well as the role the beneficiary’s interest in the investment portfolio will play in achieving those objectives.

InTRUSTment Northwest has the advantage of working with highly experienced and knowledgeable financial advisors, as well as offering the flexibility to work with local long-standing family advisors. InTRUSTment Northwest understands the importance of maintaining strong relationships and has the ability to continue working with these advisors, so long as the objectives of the investment portfolio continue to be met.

Through a series of questions, InTRUSTment Northwest will clarify what is important, define tolerance for taking risks in the portfolio and identify investment time horizons. The results of this analysis will be converted into an Investment Policy Statement, which will be utilized as the basis for the construction of an account’s portfolio. The Investment Policy Statement will be referred to on a regular basis and is the cornerstone for monitoring an investment portfolio so it remains on track to meet its stated objectives.